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    Default Expressing love naturally...right Hrithik?

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    After Abhiash’s rather pictu-resque appearances in Can-nes, it’s the turn of Kites stars – Hrithik Roshan and Barba-ra Mori – to walk the Red Carpet at Cannes.

    That should be interesting, considering the speculation about their alleged affair, but Hrithik says he pays no attention to rumours. On the phone from Cannes, he says, “It doesn’t matter as long as it’s to do with my film. Barbara’s a great girl, a great co-star and friend. And I am very proud of my film. If tongues wag, I can’t help it.”

    However, what people said mattered when the Hrithik-Ash kiss had to be removed from Dhoom 2. But that hasn’t prevented Hrithik from smooching Barbara. In fact, he explains how it happened, “Kites is a love story. And what do people in love do to express their mutual feelings? In fact, it was Barbara who made me realise how silly we look on screen, shying away from expressing love naturally.” It happened while Hrithik and Barbara were shooting a tough and dangerous action sequence in Santa Fe, New Mexico. “We were supposed to jump from the rooftop at an impossible height. Before we did so, director Anurag Basu suggested I kiss Barbara, since we were doing something death-defying and dangerous. I reached out and kissed her on the cheek. Barbara turned around to ask why I’d kissed her on the cheek. ‘Given the same situation with your wife Suzanne, would you kiss her on the cheek?’ I was floored by her logic,” says Hrithik. The take was repeated. “This time I kissed her on the lips,” he says.

    Not for kites
    Kisses apart, Hrithik and Barbara aren’t walking the RedCarpet for Kites at Cannes, despite the English version of the film being officially unveiled there. Instead, they’re doing this for director Jane Campion’s film titled Bright Star that’s in contention for the Palme d’Or award at the festival.

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