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    Default All The Best : Expect FIREWORKS this DIWALI

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    Post GOLMAAL RETURNS, everyone expected Ajay Devgn [that's how his surname is spelt now] and director Rohit Shetty to start work on GOLMAAL 3. Instead, the duo joined hands and started ALL THE BEST. "GOLMAAL 3 is definitely up next, but I wanted to give make another entertainer before I made the third instalment in the GOLMAAL series," Rohit Shetty tells me. Ajay seconds it. "We had planned ALL THE BEST even before GOLMAAL RETURNS had released. GOLMAAL is a brand and there has to be a gap between the instalments," Ajay states.

    But one thing that Ajay and Rohit were sure of is that their new film had to release in Diwali. "We didn't know how we'd achieve it, but we were keen on releasing the film during the festival of lights, like GOLMAAL RETURNS," Rohit reveals. There were a lot of 'obstacles' when they began shooting, like Sanju's tryst with politics, Fardeen deciding to opt out when his father's health started deteriorating and Mugdha meeting with an accident on the Mumbai - Pune expressway. "Then there were forecasts of heavy rains in Goa," Rohit was worried. But things fell into place and Rohit wrapped the shoot in a record three months.

    Rohit and Ajay don't rule out ALL THE BEST 2, if the first part succeeds. "A lot of people are curious to know if we have plans to make a sequel to the film. This, even though ALL THE BEST is not yet released. That only shows the level of excitement is tremendous," Ajay and Rohit echo. If that happens, Rohit would be the first director in India to have two brands under his belt - GOLMAAL and ALL THE BEST.

    While on Ajay Devgn, the talented actor is all set to start his next directorial assignment, after the superbly-crafted U ME AUR HUM, next year. "I haven't decided on the genre of the film yet, but I'd like to make a film that also has a message to convey. It would be commercially viable, that's for sure," he divulges.



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