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    Default Exclusive Timeline: SRK-Shirish fight, what really happened that night?

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    Filmmaker Shirish Kunder, who once vouched for Shah Rukh Khan, who gave him his first commercial break as a film editor was found to be loggerheads with the superstar himself.

    What looked like a leaf from a climax sequence of a thriller film, actually stunned all in real life.

    It was the success bash of Sanjay Dutt (box office success of Agneepath) thrown by his close friend and infrastructure tycoon Baba Dewan at Aurus sea side lounge in Juhu, but it has now become the talk of town.

    A highly placed source present at the bash, spills beans on what exactly happened at the lounge Sunday night. Here's the timeline:

    11.30 pm– Shirish Kunder minus his choreographer wife Farah Khan walks inside the party. The editor turned director is already in high spirits.

    12 am–Shirish, a couple of pegs down, begins bullying few ladies at the party, exchanges his contact numbers.

    1 am– He hits the dance floor in an inebriated state, talks seemingly dirty to some actresses around.

    1.40 am- Shirish is found talking to some fresh faces, offering them roles in his forthcoming projects (blabbering to impress one of them to his car).

    3.15 am– Priyanka Chopra walks in with SRK’s buddy Mushtaq Sheikh in a celebratory mood after winning the best actress (critics choice) award at the Filmfare event.

    3.30 am -Party is at its low and enters Shah Rukh Khan with his sister Lala.

    3.45 am–SRK, Priyanka, Sanjay and his wife Maanayata hit the dance floor with friend Sheeba and her hubby Akashdeep. Shirish starts moving around the dance floor to grab Shah Rukh's attention, but he gets ignored.

    4.10 am- Sanjay Dutt escorts SRK along with his wife Maanayata to the gate. Dutt’s wife suddenly realises that he has not greeted his best friends, who have especially flown from Frankfurt to Mumbai to attend the success bash. Dutt asks SRK to accompany him to meet one of his best buddies Bala Venky.

    4.20 am– After a brief introduction with Dutt’s friends, SRK opts to leave the place when he bumps into Kunder, who is in an inebriated state. SRK ignores his once friend turned foe Shirish, who instigates the actor with a starry look which miffs King Khan.

    4.25 am– SRK forcibly gets Shirish down to the seating area to start a conversation. SRK tries hard to convince Kunder not to create a scene. But, latter refuses to pay heed as he is scared of being battered by the actor, which makes the superstar more aggressive. Khan overpowers Shirish.

    4.30 am- There is chaos and Sanjay and his friends take charge of separating the aggressive SRK (who kept on hurling punches and abuses) from the filmmaker. Dutt forcibly pushes Shirish away, who sneaks out.

    4.40 am- Within no time the personal bodyguards of SRK and the host Baba Dewan cover the area and soaring temperatures are back to normal, after which both Dutt and SRK abruptly leave the party venue.

    Meanwhile, Farah Khan disappointed with SRK’s act states, “Shah Rukh has always told me that physical abuse is the worst way to sort out a problem and that it means the person who's hitting has either personal or professional crisis going on and it saddens me to see him doing the same.”

    Sources reveal that since SRK and Farah parted ways, Shirish had been tweeting ugly about SRK on the social networking site. It is learnt Shirish's tweet on Ra One, “I just heard a 150 Crore firework fizzle,” was one of the prime reasons which instigated King Khan to get ugly.
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