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    In Dubai to promote ‘London Dreams’, Salman Khan gets into the mind of media

    Salman Khan has been at it constantly. He is hopping from Kolkata, to Delhi to Dubai to London to promote his film “London Dreams” and interacting with journos.

    Salman, who’s got a reputation of being reticent with the media, was at his articulate best when we met him at Grand Hyatt Dubai this afternoon (Oct 27).
    “Do back-to-back interviews bore you,” we asked. “Not really,” said the handsome star looking as glam as ever in his striped T, jeans and hair band in place.

    “But by now I know each and every question you are going to ask. Aren’t you armed with the following questions,” asked Salman, and then rattled off:

    1. What is the USP of your film ‘London Dreams’?

    2. What is different about your character in the film?

    3. How was it working with Ajay Devgn after 10 years?

    4. What pranks did you play on the sets?

    5. What was your most memorable moment while shooting the film?

    6. What are your comments on your link-up with Asin?

    The actor stopped and smiled. “After 20 years in the industry I know the format by heart. I guess by following a format like this all of you are making life much easier for aspiring journalists,” said Salman.

    Always sceptical about the media he said, “Today the media is writing good things about me tomorrow they might write bad. I am used to this.”

    The actor said while promoting a film he is at the beck and call of the producer, “I will go wherever I am asked to go and do whatever I am asked to do. At other times there is no point talking to the press because I will keep repeating myself. Most often I don’t have anything to say.”

    He added, “And anyway, over the years I have realised that when you give an interview it is not yours, it reflects the interviewer’s character.”

    Salman will be back in Dubai in December for a concert with Katrina. We are hoping to talk to him again, with a format of more exciting questions. He should just be willing to answer them.


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