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    Cool when esha kopikar kissed tom cruise

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    Sigh… would be a dream for many ladies to get just one chance in a lifetime to kiss Tom Cruise. Apni Eesha Koppikar had the crush of her lifetime on this Hollywood hottie, she says she would have his posters stuck all around her room and she would keep kissing his poster.

    So among the Bollywood stars, who does Eesha find equally hot. And she says,

    “Amitabh Bachchan. Purely for the fact that he started off from such a humble background. It was his sheer hard work and attitude, professionalism and devotion that propelled him into becoming a legend. I believe that he’s also a very doting and loving father. Aamir Khan too…because I simply love his diligent work ethics. He is one of the brilliant actors of our times.”

    She also loves Shahrukh Khan, especially after working with him in Don, she thinks, “Shah Rukh’s energy levels are infectious. His professionalism is something to be admired. His humility is something to be imbibed. I think he always succeeds in motivating his co-stars and heroines.”

    Well… must say Eesha… Your choice is good!

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    thanks alot

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