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    The makers of Shanghai have decided to re-edit the first promo of their film. Media has learnt that they were not happy with Emraan Hashmi’s positioning in it. In simpler terms, they wanted one of their lead stars, Emraan, to be the highlight of the promo alongside Abhay Deol.
    A source close to the film’s producer, PVR Pictures, told us, “The producers were not satisfied. In it, Abhay Deol appeared first then Prosenjit followed by Emraan. The producers wanted the order changed. Considering Emraan’s mass appeal, they wanted him to appear in the beginning of the promo with Abhay.”

    When contacted, director Dibakar Bannerjee confirmed the change in the promo, but refused that it had anything to do with Emraan’s appeal. “We have re-edited the first trailer. But it’s only because Emraan’s character in the film is a smoking time bomb. He starts off being a fun guy. Then something happens and his character explodes into action.”

    Producer PVR Pictures, however, had no compunctions in admitting that it was Emraan’s ‘appeal’ that urged them to change the promo. Kamal Gyanchandani, president at PVR Pictures said, “Going by the past records, Emraan has a huge fan base. In the first promo, we thought Emraan had lesser footage. We wanted to correct that. In the film Abhay and Emraan are co-leads. We wanted to give them equal footage in the promo as well.”



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