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    Default I want Emraan to KISS ME : Soha Ali Khan

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    She might have essayed serious characters in most of her films, but off screen Soha Ali Khan is a bundle of joy. Promptly responding to my SMS, Soha was in a joyful mood as she talked on the phone about her forthcoming comedy Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge. Insisting that unlike her image, she has terrific sense of humour this is what she had to say.

    Q. Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge has a lot of spoofs. Are you personally okay with the idea of take offs - some people like Ashutosh Gowariker are touchy about it.

    Soha: Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge has a lot of spoofs. Are you personally okay with the idea of take offs - some people like Ashutosh Gowariker are touchy about it.

    Q. It's your first tryst with comedy. Do you have a funny bone in real life?

    Soha: Oh I am good at comedy. All my friends think I have a great sense of humour. And even when I am interacting with someone the first thing I look for is humour. Now I don't want to speak for myself because if go about calling myself funny, people will think it's all blah!

    Q. But did this love for humour translate on screen as well?

    Soha: See comedy is all about reacting. And when you have co-stars like Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever and Kunal it's impossible not to laugh. DRJ is one of the funniest scripts I have come across and Umesh, our director, is someone who really manages make me laugh a lot.

    Q. Well talking about Kunal, how did these link up stories spread?

    Soha: You tell me. I think according to the media an actress is born only to date. Her life moves from one co-star to another – going by which there should be no time for acting. I just love our media. I think our journalists are pros at creative writing and are all wannabe filmmakers. First the media spins a story about a person and then approaches the same person for a clarification. Luckily thanks to my parents and brother I have seen this so often that I know you got to take what you read with a pinch of salt.

    Q. Mumbai Meri Jaan, Rang De Basant, Di Kabaddi etc…Do you have a thing for ensemble cast films?

    Soha: I fall in love with scripts. When I sign a film, it's a natural, organic response to an appealing story. I have done two wonderful films with UTV (RDB, MMJ), so for my third outing I was insisting on a single hero-heroine film. So when they suggested another ensemble film to me, I thought I will drop out citing date problems. But the concept was just so funny. Also please remember I am the only girl in the cast. I would rather be a significant part of an ensemble film instead of just running around some strong hero without any consequence to the story.

    Q. So do you plan your choices?

    Soha: I don't plan films based on the length of my role or number of co-stars. You see, I am dead serious about my career - but I don't work out of need. I am doing it purely for the desire of being an actress.

    Q. Which spoof did you enjoy more – Basanti or Simran?

    Soha: I was terrified yaar. These films are so much bigger than any of us. But the spoofs as I said are only in glimpses. And I think they have come out well. I think the Lagaan portion in the climax where I do a Gracy Singh is also hilarious.

    Q. Have you spoofed any of your Mom's roles?

    Soha: No! Thankfully not.

    Q. You have been missing at the awards.

    Soha: Actually these days I am shooting for Tum Mile (with Emraan Hashmi) at Bhandup. We have got a set there recreating the 26/7 floods. So every evening after shooting in three feet of water I am really not presentable enough to make red carpet appearances.

    Q. So is Soha next on the 'serial kisser's' list?

    Soha: I am really excited about this one. You know I am all for Bollywod romance and this is my first ever love story. I think we make an interesting pair. As far as the kissing goes, believe me this time it's bit of a role reversal. Throughout the film I am trying to get Emraan to kiss me. I want him to but he is the one ignoring me.

    Q. What about Cheers where you playing the younger Sharmila Tagore?

    Soha: See, again! Creative writing at work. Everyone except me seems to know about this film.

    Q. Finally, what does the RDB heroine make of Delhi 6?

    Soha: To be frank I have heard mixed reviews. Though I haven't seen it, I think the film is visually stunning and the music is the finest of 2009. You tell me what did you think of it? (I tell her I liked the first half but felt the second half got too abstract for its own good). Exactly! Now contrary to your opinion, most people have told me they preferred the second half more. I guess it's a film one mustn't comment on before watching. Just like Dev D.

    Best of luck Soha. It was a pleasure talking to you. Hope we see you in many more comedies.


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