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    Default Emraan Hashmi bans Mahesh Bhatt from 'Raaz 3' sets

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    Emraan Hashmi bans Mahesh Bhatt from
    The latest buzz in Bollywood is that Emraan Hashmi who is shooting round the clock for his latest movie "Raaz 3" has requested filmmaker and his uncle Mahesh Bhatt to not come to the sets of his movie ‘Raaz 3’ while they shoot its climax scene. The reason behind this ban is Mahesh Bhatt’s addiction to Twitter.

    Emraan is reportedly upset with his mentor because he has been blurting out all the secrets of Raaz 3 on the Tweeter.

    “He tweets quite regularly. Since the climax is integral to our film, we want to keep it exclusive. If he’s around, he might post a random tweet, which can unintentionally be a spoiler. Although he is very particular, you never know about some unintended detail going out,” he said.

    “Even if he does come, I’ve requested him to not tweet. And when I told him, he took it in the right spirit. We are just being cautious,” he added. Mahesh Bhatt is most welcome on sets during the other days.

    ’Raaz 3’ has a new format of 3D, which is new to me. I have always been a big fan of graphic animation. We haven’t fixed a date to shoot the climax scene yet as the crew from Hollywood is working on the film right now. We didn’t want too many schedules and inconvenience everyone involved,” he said.

    A source close to Emraan disclosed, "Raaz 3 is the Bhatt's much-anticipated next. It is also the homecoming of Vikram Bhatt who directed the first film in the trilogy. Since it's a horror mystery, Emraan and Vikram are extra careful about keeping things under wraps.”

    ‘Raaz 3’ is directed by Vikram Bhatt and stars Bipasha Basu in the lead role. The movie is expected to release in August.

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