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    Cool emraan doesnt find himself special

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    With a swashbuckling performance in Raaz TMC, Emraan Hashmi is the talk of the town, however the handsome lad is still grounded and doesn’t find any specialty in himself.

    He says, “Emraan Hashmi is not a very special person. I am just like any other individual. I am a common man with basic needs and wishes. I fear God and love him too and yes and I enjoy my success. I am basically an open book, what ever the world knows me for is the actual me. Anybody can read me. But not when I am sleeping (laughs). There is nothing hidden in me from the world.”

    Emraan also talks about Raaz and says, “This movie is of great importance. Working in a horror movie was my dream. And now with RTMC , it has come true. I have not signed RTMC merely because it is a horror film. The script, the theme, the role and the concept were so new that I was all the more tempted to sign it. This movie stands incomparable in terms of horror flicks. It will prove as a benchmark for the other horror films. “

    Yeah! This guy is so open that even kissing doesn’t seem to be personal now, thanks to him!!

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    Thank you so much

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