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    Default "If not for Ek, I could have been in Slumdog Millionaire" - Chunky Pandey

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    If there is a sense of regret that Chunky Pandey has about working in Bobby Deol starrer Ek - The Power of One, he isn't showing it. However, he does believe that if not for agreeing to do a walk-on part in this Sangeeth Sivan directed action flick, he may as well have been a part of Slumdog Millionaire.

    Chunky's connection with Slumdog Millionaire was Loveleen Tandon, the casting director and co-director of the Oscar winning film.

    "I remember it was early 2007 when Loveleen Tandon was casting for a short film about AIDS for Mira Nair. Even though I was almost finalized for the film, I couldn't do it since my dates were blocked for Ek", reveals Chunky.

    A believer in destiny, he truly thinks that if things would have fell in place, he may as well have been recommended by Loveleen Tandon for Danny Boyle's masterpiece too.

    "You can never predict how things turn in the film world. One thing can inevitably lead to other", says Chunky with a faint smile, "Mira Nair's film on AIDS was based on a sensitive subject and it was a good enough platform for me."

    He looks at the incident gone by as a missed chance. "I had ample opportunity to showcase my talent as an actor who can do something far beyond just comedy. It was just the right forum for me to make an impression and who knows, Loveleen could have found me suitable for being one of the key characters in Slumdog Millionaire."

    Does he regret working in Ek - The Power of One where he hardly had a part to play?

    "It's OK, one can't get stuck with the past", Chunky comments, "Yes, today when I see all the euphoria around Slumdog Millionaire, I do feel if I too could have been a part of it. But at that time, Ek was the priority. I had to do it for Sangeeth since he was responsible for giving me a beautiful role in Apna Sapna Money Money. I couldn't say no to him even though I knew that mine was just a guest appearance in the film."

    He is looking at breaking away from a comic actor image now.

    "Enough of it actually", he says with a new found resolution, "I don't want my tombstone to read that 'Here lies the man who only did comedy'! My current lot of films would be the last where I will aim at making people laugh. From here on, I want to be seen in all kind of roles, whether serious, emotional or even out and out negative. I have to take a step in a new direction now."

    Some of the upcoming comedies of Chunky are De Dhana Dhan, Shortkut - The Con Is On, Paying Guest, Khallballi - Fun Unlimited, Hello Darling and Daddy Cool, all of which are expected to release this year.

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