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    Default 'Drama Queen' Veena Malik signs a film for Rs 1 lakh !

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    Pakistani Drama Queen, Oops! Pakistani Model, Veena Malik, who has earned herself the title of being the latest 'drama queen' in town has stunned her fans and all others by making a new record of getting unbelievably lowest payment for working in the Bollywood movie.

    Veena Malik is well known for controversial issues and for this unique quality she has been given title of ‘The Drama Queen of Bollywood’. Veena Malik mainly attracted media limelight when she did a ‘nude’ photo shoot for the for FHM magazine in India. Though Veena claimed she never did any nude shoot and the pictures were morphed, nobody believed her and she started getting death threats from Pakistan.

    Veena Malik, who took to fame post her stint in the reality show Bigg Boss, is desperate to sustain the limelight. Since getting big projects is not an easy affair, it is learnt that the actress has lowered her price and is signing films for as low as Rs 1 Lakh.

    Confirming this, our source says, "This might sound strange but the fact is that Veena Malik is one of the lowest paid actresses in town. Apart from her publicity stunts, the actress has no substantial work to talk about and now she has become the darling of every small time producer. It was surprising to know that the actress recently signed a film for just Rs 1 Lakh only."

    Apparently it is unbelievable but the Drama Queen of Bollywood is an expert of doing things beyond belief.

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