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    Default I don't trust politicians, says Kamal Haasan

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    Mumbai: Tamil star Kamal Haasan is in Mumbai to promote his forthcoming film Dashavatar the Hindi version of Dashavataram.

    Manisha Mahaldar got the actor talking about why he doesn't trust politicians, on teaming up with Mohanlal for the remake of A Wednesday.

    Manisha Mahaldar:Hi, Kamal. Were you happy with the response Dasavatharam got down south when it released last year?

    Kamal Hassan:We expected it would be a hit, it was a bigger one..and it is always proven whatever is a big hit in south is always received well everywhere.

    Manisha Mahaldar:You are teaming up with Mohanlal for the remake of a A Wednesday. Are you keeping the plot intact?

    Kamal Hassan: Yes the plot is intact but the rhetorics will have to change because, as you see, the national politics itself is not a national agenda. It has got individual agenda. Each state has a different agenda. Mr Mohanlal is playing the commissioner of police so that automatically indicates what role I am doing.

    Manisha Mahaldar:Tamil stars are also known to have political ambitions do you also have any plans to join politics in future?Ideologically which party do you identify with?

    Kamal Hassan: I dont indentify with any party because they keep changing their stances.

    Manisha Mahaldar:Are you nervous about Shruti's (Kamal's daughter) Hindi film debut?

    Kamal Hassan: No..she is not why should I be(laughs).

    Manisha Mahaldar: Any tips that you give her?

    Kamal Hassan: We talk about it. It's not a question of tips. Well ... I tell her when to duck and warn her..but I that has happened so far, I will warn her if things are going wrong. If things are going right, she knows better. She will even realise it much before I do. I have not helped her in any of her endeavours.

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