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    Default 'Don't have a problem working with Shah Rukh' : Salman Khan

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    'Don't have a problem working with Shah Rukh'

    The first season of Salman Khan's 10 Ka Dum was a hit with the audience. Hoping to cash in on the popularity of the show and Salman Khan's star power, the second season of 10 Ka Dum promises much more entertainment.

    What works for 10 Ka Dum is that the show isn't very intellectually challenging. It's more of a fun show with loads of entertainment and a host with a good sense of humour.

    Salman said he returned to the small screen with the gameshow because the audience loved it. "If they wouldn't have liked it, the channel surely would not have come out with the show again and mujhe toh bilkul nahi lete"[smiles].

    "I am my usual self on the show. I love interacting with the audience; I just like to talk to my fans," Salman said.

    So will that mean we'll be seeing more of Salman? "If the response for the second season is good, we will go ahead with the third and fourth season. I will not get bored of this show because I like it. I like the whole set-up and atmosphere, interaction with the audience and their reactions," he added.

    To a question whether he has become more patient now, Salman said he is usually in a good mood whenever he is with his fans. "But my mood depends on you [media]. Celebrities are always in a catch-22 situation. You keep writing false stories and when there is no reaction, the falsehood continues. If you react, more will be written," he added.

    'SRK is more than welcome on 10 Ka Dum'

    The actor, who returned to Mumbai on Thursday after a film shoot in London, said he was surprised to read speculative stories on how he had harassed the channel because his price for the show's second season had been slashed.

    "I was given big money in the first season. But it is recession time now. The reduction in my fees for the second season is not as much as it is being reported. Sony TV will be responsible for inviting celebrity guests on the show," said Salman. "The reason why Sony is taking care of the celebrities is that I have been left with few friends in the industry. I will try to get them on the show."

    Will it be okay with him if the channel invites Shah Rukh Khan as a celebrity guest? "SRK is more than welcome if he agrees to come on the show," Salman replied. "I do not have any problem with it. Even if I have, I cannot discuss with you."

    But personally, Salman would prefer to have guests like Govinda, Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol, Dharmendra, Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi on his show.

    When asked to comment on the failure of SRK's show Kya Aap Pachvi Pass Se Tez Hai, which went on air around the same time as the first season of 10 Ka Dum, Salman said he would like to see the second season of SRK's show.

    "I want everybody to do well. Agar hamara kaam nahi chalega, toh aapka kaise chalega (if we don't do well, what will happen to you, referring to the media)?," he asks.

    'Aamir should have played the Rs 10 crore question'

    The best episode that Salman liked during the first season was the one with Aamir Khan and his nephew Imran Khan. "Aamir should have played the Rs 10 crore question," he said.

    He also loved the episodes with non-celebrities. His favourite was his first episode with Akshita, a BMC worker. It was on the show that her parents accepted her husband, Laxmi (an eunuch).

    Initially, Salman Khan didn't like the idea of getting celebrities on the show.

    "But when I realised that the money won by them was going to a charitable organisation of their choice, I was okay with it. It helps those who need it and also increases the TRP of the show," he said.

    'I just read out the questions'

    About the constant question of his wedding which contestants keep asking him, Salman says that he has not thought of any answer.

    To a question if there will be any kind of improvisation in terms of hosting this season, Salman said, "I will be doing the same thing. I can only treat them like guests and make them comfortable. I just read out the questions and react depending on the reaction of the studio audience and contestants. So there is only love and respect. If you want fights, tell me. I will do it. But then you have to come on the show [Smiles]."

    On asked why he didn't vote, Salman said, "I was shooting in London for Anil Sharma's film. The weather was unpredictable there and the producers have put in lot of money for the film. How can I leave the shooting and come? Tell me something, should I actually come to vote or just to show off that Salman has come to Mumbai from abroad to vote? Had I been in India, I would have definitely voted. But I cannot show off like others," he added.

    'Aamir has a huge influence on me when it comes to workouts'

    Salman feels that Balika Vadhu (on Colors) is a good concept for the Indian audience and he likes to watch the shows like the ones which used to air on Doordarshan because they have limitation (nothing vulgar).

    "I sometimes get stuck on south TV channels while changing channels and though I don't understand the language I like to watch their dancing style," he said.

    Asked what he thought about the rumours of the project featuring the three Khans together, Salman said, "I think they should bring two in each film, like Shah Rukh-Aamir, Salman-Aamir, Salman-Shah Rukh."

    Asked whether its okay for him to work with SRK, Salman replied, "I do not have a problem working with Shah Rukh. Mein thodi uska saath shaadi kar raha hoon [It's not like I'm marrying him). You should also ask him if he wants to do it or not [smiles]."

    About losing weight, he says "Aamir has a huge influence on me especially when it comes to workouts and body building. When I saw his body for the first time I felt that I have to start working out. All these years I have been so unfit, I said Salman you have to do something (smiles)."

    When asked if Andaz Apna Apna's sequel was in the offing, Salman said, "We might do it. But first, both of us need to look that those characters in the original. It will take a long time for that to happen."

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