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    Default I don't want to retire ever: Vinay Pathak

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    He is one of those actors who has carved a niche for himself in both commercial and independent cinema and Vinay Pathak says he wants to continue with acting till death. The actor, who announced his arrival in Bollywood by tickling everybody's funnybone as Bharat Bhushan in BhejaFry, says
    he wants to be like Bollywood legend Dev Anand, who continued to work till the last day of his life.

    "I always wanted to be a working actor. I want to be anactor till the day I die. I don't want to retire ever, justlike Dev saab," Vinay told PTI.

    "I want acting to be my only profession. But I should also be able to support myself and my family and maintain a standard of living. Unlike theatre, where one needs to have another job to support oneself," added Vinay, who is equally prolific on stage.

    Vinay, who was born in Bhojpur in Bihar, has a degree in drama from the State University of New York. He said that he always wanted to be an actor and he is lucky that he is already living his cherished dream.

    "My dream was to become an actor who is always busy with work. And it has already been fulfilled. I don't want to be a superstar, just a very good actor," he said.



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