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    Exclamation I don't miss Yuvraj at all: Kim Sharma

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    I don't miss Yuvraj at all: Kim Sharma
    The star beaded B-town is well known for its gaudy and showy stars who are always whimsical and always prone to leave Mumbai for their vacation, which in turn again is another show off.

    Ask anyone in the town about his or her favourite holiday destination and you will get the names of remote towns and marveling cities of different nations.

    But exceptions are always there. And this time the exception in the vogue is none other than the fashionable Kim Sharma.

    Guess the reason! The diva is in love with Mumbai and that’s so much so that she even cannot stay in any other place for long span at a stretch. She cannot stay away from the city and her sweet sweet home for long eve while shooting for some film.

    “I love my home and Mumbai and find it very difficult to stay out for long periods of time. I do try to take a break and come back home, if there is a long outdoor schedule, ” lovingly goes the actor.

    And apart from that Kim expresses how the love for the city increases during the monsoon. “Especially now that it is raining, Mumbai is looking even more beautiful and it's extremely hard to stay away from it, ” Kim adds.

    That’s so chweet of Kim to express the truth about her all time favourite destination, the comfy home within aamchi city Mumbai. Ask her if she misses Yuvi in this romantic season and she says, “Yuvraj has no presence in my life. He is not a friend of mine and, trust me, exes can never be friends. I have been cordial with him when I have met him publicly. But honestly I am not missing him.

    And if he is missing me then I must be coming in his dreams! But that is all I have to say about him. He is history for me!”

    Kim also reveals that she is dating men but is keeping it all harmless. “I am not looking to be in a serious relationship. If something has to happen in the future, I know I won’t be able to stop it but I am not man- hunting.”

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