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    Default Don't cook up controversies about my past: Preity

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    Don't cook up controversies about my past: Preity
    By Subhash K Jha

    Does Preity have a British ancestry? A story doing the rounds on websites that Preity Zinta is of British parentage has the actress who turns a year older on Jan 31, completely flummoxed.

    But this isn't the first time that Preity's lineage is being questioned. "Some years ago there was this rumour that I was related to Dharmendra. I didn't mind that at all since he's so goodlooking."

    The bit about the Brit has Preity less amused. "I don't know where that come. I'm a full-on pahadi girl. Both my parents are from Himachal Pradesh. I'm a complete Rajput girl. And yet I've been flooded with inquiries about my 'British blood'. Arrey yaar, who's spreading these strange rumours? And they erupted so suddenly. I wonder who's responsible."

    A section of Preity's supporters see this as a ploy to discredit her lately-vocal tirade against the vote-politics of the nation.

    Preity wants to stay away from politics of every kind. "For those who feel threatened because they feel I'm getting into politics let me assure them I've no intentions of getting into yet another alien territory. Movies are my life. And now there's cricket and the IPL. Politics is not my scene at all. There's no need to cook up controversies about my past."

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