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    Default If you donít smooch, you lose: Akshay

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    Do you think Kambakkht Ishq (KI) will please audiences?
    People are hungry to be entertained. But they see a movie because they want
    to, not because they have to. 8x10 was the last movie to release before the strike started, yet that didnít make the crowds fall in. Itís totally up to what they see is right in the ingredients that make a movie.

    KI is reportedly a remake of the Tamil film Pammal K Sambandam ...
    How can it be a remake? When I first saw the movie I thought Iíd never seen an Indian film like it. Not only was the script well written, but also most of the screenplay was spontaneous madness. Iím sorry you canít take this film away from any of its artistes. This is Sabir Khanís and Anvita Duttís little baby.

    In real life, you are not an MCP, but where women are concerned, your charm and sex appeal cut across age groups.
    Believe me, Iím not that irresistible. Itís all because of my father that I know how to treat women. Itís been one of my biggest blessings in life. Women like me, adore the honest gentleman in me who makes them laugh and feel wanted and comfortable. I donít throw my weight around. I only throw my arms around (laughs). As for my sex appeal, I donít know where that lies. I canít answer that. Most women like menwho take care of themselves. Iím worried my wife will leave me the day I let myself go!

    Youíre often dragged into controversies. Does this come with the territory?
    Iím fully aware people like to voice their opinions and make themselves heard. Fair enough, itís their choice. Do you think complaining about it is going to make them stop? Hell, no! So, all I say is, if people think itís important enough to cry about, then one must be important enough to cry over, donít you think? I remember the days when no one gave a toss about what I said. Now, they pay attention to every word I say. Donít know which is worse!

    Are you going to take them on?
    Oh, I never play them at their own games. I donít need to stoop so low to get somewhere in life. But if you play with fire, youíve to be prepared to get burnt. But I donít agree with messing with peopleís careers or families, no matter what ...

    First Kylie Minogue, then WWE star Kane. What makes your place such a hot destination?
    I have a good cook and feel these people need to be fed! When people show an interest in my work or in my industry, I like them to taste true Indian hospitality and give them something to take back.I open my doors to everyone with good intentions. Plus, Iím proud of the home my wife has created. Whatís wrong with a few luncheons here and there?

    Denise Richards endorsed your smooching skills...
    Well if you donít smooch, you lose! Like I said earlier, I know how to treat the ladies. Youíve to make them feel special. Women really arenít that difficult, you just give them what they want and youíll be fine. They deserve it for just being women, I think.

    After parkour, whatís your latest craze?
    The Hula Hoop ... When thereís no gym for miles around, I whip out my Hula Hoop and Hula until I can Hula no more.

    Aarav, a chip off the old block?
    Yeah, he takes after me in the crazy department, for sure. Give him a wall heíll jump off it, hold out your arm and heíll punch it. Twinkle loves this adventurous streak in him. Even my sisterís daughter is as action packed as my son Aarav. Danger seems to run thicker than blood in my family.

    Trisha is doing Khatta Meetta with you...
    Yeah, sheís definitely signed for our movie. Kind of looking forward to working with Priyadarsan, who has a different take on Indian cinema. It was Priyadarsanís idea to have her. And what he says goes, and it works every time ...

    Whatís the riskiest thing youíve done so far?
    Get married! It was the biggest jump of my life. But what I love is, is that this jump will never end. Itís a thrill I get to enjoy forever. All my other stunts are over in a flash.

    What gets AK so high in life?
    I know where the ground is!

    Your elixir of youth ...
    Live life like a child. Our bodies are our temples. Keep your temple clean and cared for and youíll look as young as the Chinese ...

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