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    Default Donít hit, my sonís watching: Akshay

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    Akshay Kumar will no longer consent to being punched in the

    This restriction on the action hero is courtesy his son. Aarav loves to see his father involved in all the action and beat the bad guys up in the fight scenes, but seeing him getting punched in the face is something he canít come to terms with.

    Akshay explains, ďAarav loves to watch me do stunts, and I too love doing them, even the most life-threatening ones. But every time I get punched by someone in the face, Aarav turns around and asks, ĎThatís make-believe, right dad?í And thatís what set me thinking. I need to avoid hand-to-face contact in fight scenes.Ē So Akshay will now introduce a clause in his contract that will save him the punches that are aimed at his face.

    This gets us thinking if Aarav will grow up to be an action hero too. In fact, Aaravís maternal grandfather, Rajesh Khanna recently said that Aarav will be a bigger star than Akshay too. Akshay adds, ďRight now, Aarav is too young to solve his arithmetic sums properly, let alone even the thought of acting. When I ask him what he would like to grow up to be, he says a painter. He loves cartoons, watching my films, and heís into mythology also. I want to do one film based on mythology just for him.Ē

    The doting father adds, ďAarav listens in rapt attention when I narrate episodes of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata to him.Ē

    A film based on mythology is not the only one on Akshayís wish-list. Akshay, who is a huge Michael Jackson fan is planning to do a film around a song-and-dance musical as his tribute to the late King of Pop. An emotional Akshay says, ďI was in Puerto Rico when I heard the shocking news of his death. In the Ď80s when Beat It and Billy Jean were the rage I used to listen to the tracks at work while clearing the tables and cleaning up the hotel in Thailand. I remember his awesome show in Mumbai in 1996. At that time, I wasnít such a well-known actor. I distinctly remember wearing my MJ cape and going crazy with the rest of the audience.Ē

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