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    Default I donít campaign for money: Neetu

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    On Saturday, she returned from a 25-day-long shoot in Australia. Still jet-lagged, Neetu Chandra was in for a rude shock when she heard her name

    being dragged into the Madhu Koda case. ďWho is Koda? I donít even know who he is. How can my name be dragged into this controversy?Ē asks Neetu.

    Tell her that the obvious connection could be the Bihar/Jharkhand association and Neetu says, ďI havenít even heard his name. I donít campaign for money. If there are offers to support a campaign for genuine causes, I am there. I am all for young and literate politicians. If Rahul Gandhiís team was to approach me, I would surely do the needful,Ē she insists, before adding how she was recently invited by Biharís deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi for the inauguration of Bihar Foundation. ďThey asked me to come to the dais and even suggested that I join a party. Itís not that I am against politics. I donít think politics is a dirty word. Nothing, as such, is dirty. Itís people who make it dirty. Iím told that I have leadership qualities and good convincing powers but right now, I donít have the time for politics. Who knows, 10 years down the line, I just might take up politics!Ē she admits.

    While 10 years might be too long a time, right now, Neetu is a tad tired of the controversy tag. Recently, she was in the eye of a storm about whether she had gone under the knife. ďI donít know why Iím always dragged into all this? I had got tanned and I needed a fruit peel treatment. I happened to be at the same clinic where plastic surgery is also done. And next I hear the entire media talking about me going under the knife. If I had got a plastic surgery done, the difference would have been visible. All that was required was to publish two pictures of mine in the typical Ďthení and Ďnowí style. The difference of a surgery would have been
    visible. But nobody has done that! I am just being made a scapegoat,Ē she says.

    With seven films lined up for release, Neetu doesnít rule out professional jealousy as reason for such Ďrepeated assaultsí. ďI am just not bothered any more about what
    people say,Ē she insists. Unless, of course, they are saying good things about her



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