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    Default I donít like to accept expensive gifts: Hanssika Motwani

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    Q. How would you define fashion?
    A. For me fashion is anything in which you feel comfortable and that enhances your beauty at the same time.

    Q. Where do you normally shop your clothes from?
    A. It depends. I never plan for my shopping. Wherever some dress attracts my eyes I just go for it.

    Q. Which brands do you prefer to buy?
    A. I prefer Just Kwali and Zest.

    Q. Do you often visit fashion shows?
    A. In fact, I have never yet visited any fashion show.

    Q. Who is your favourite fashion designer?
    A. I wouldnít be able to name any as till date I have never really dealt with any fashion designer.

    Q. Which is the costliest outfit you have bought till date?
    A. Recently, while I was on my outing in South Africa, I bought a gown which cost me 78,000. The gown was in fact gifted to me by someone but I repaid him the money as I donít like to accept expensive gifts.

    Q. Which is your favourite party wear?
    A. It depends on the kind of party I am going to. If itís a formal party then of course I go for formal outfits and if itís informal then I prefer to wear jeans and T-shirt.

    Q. What do you generally dress up while relaxing at your home?
    A. I usually prefer my track suits when at home.

    Q. Any particular colours you opt for while buying your clothes?
    A. It again depends. If itís morning time, I opt for bright colours while in the evening I go for dark colours.

    Q. Any fashion tip you would like to give to our readers?
    A. Anything you wear should be comfortable and suit your personality. You should also be careful while choosing colours.- Sabir Rahman
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