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    Default Desperately seeking Kareena Kapoor!

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    Kareena Kapoor ought to be flattered. She is being sought rather desperately by filmmaker Sudhir Mishra for his film Dhruv.

    The movie will be a modern day interpretation of Devdas. And before you yawn and mutter “not again!”, let us tell you that Mishra promises to come up with a very new and fresh take on Devdas.

    In Mishra’s words, it’s going to be more of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Sarat Chandra’s Devdas.

    To play the role of Pooja (modern-day Paro), Sudhir is seeking Kareena Kapoor. And he says that no other actress except Kareena can do the role because it was written with her in mind.

    Farhan Akhtar will play Dhruv, the modern Devdas.

    However, the film will be made only and only if Kareena agrees to do it.

    “I’m willing to go down on my knees to get her to do the film,” Sudhir is quoted to have said.

    That’s how desperate Mishra is
    ...being a human...



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