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    This picture was shot on the first day of the Desi Boyz shoot. Itís very special to me as this was my first time on the sets as a director. Akshay Kumar was the only senior actor on the set and he made everyone feel so comfortable. Off camera, he has a lethal sense of humour and is quite the prankster. Once I left my phone unguarded for 20 minutes and he sent out wicked text messages to a few people. I had to spend the rest of the night apologising for the messages!
    Iíve grown up watching actors like Sanjay Dutt, Salmanbhai and Govinda who have had long associations with my dad (David Dhawan).
    Akshay Kumar acted in two of my dadís films, but Iíd only met him once on the sets as a kid. Years later, when I was 24, I wrote a film for my dad and narrated it to Akshay. Six months later, he asked, what if Rohit directs it? I spent a year working on the film but ultimately the project never took off. He was gracious enough to say that since I have invested a year, he will act in a film I will eventually direct. Time is lost so easily in the industry, but which actor is gracious enough to offer this kind of support? When I narrated Desi Boyz to Akshay, he jumped at it. In this shot, Akshay and John (Abraham) are in the apartment in the film and are trying to communicate with each other without Deepika (Padukone) knowing what they are saying.

    I was cueing them and they were reacting to that. Akshayís character is a bit of a slacker in the first half and he eats a lot, as you can see from the food on the table. To add nuance to the character, he poured milk directly in his mouth and mixed it with a dash of Hersheyís straight from the bottle, instead of blending them together before drinking them.

    It was spontaneous and he does things without always telling the director. Heís very easy to direct.



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