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    Default "Anything for Delhi, yaar" says Sonam

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    Sonam Kapoor confesses that she has been really busy in the past few days.

    But the actress adds that there’s time for Delhi always. “Haan, I try to be in Delhi as much as I can because it feels like home. Also, I have many relatives here. So, whenever I am here, I am happy and am already planning my next trip mentally,” she laughs. So, what brought her to Delhi this time? “I was here for the shoot of a magazine cover. I am a sucker for fashion and I try to be really hot whenever I pose for magazines,” she says.

    And what’s happening on the film front? “Oh, I have lots of work. Currently, I am about to begin shooting for a film called Ayesha. It is based on Jane Austen’s Emma and I am really looking forward to working in the film. I loved the book. And Abhay Deol’s in the film too!” she says.

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