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    Smile Deepika the tall & bountiful lass

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    She is tall and beautiful and now the SRK ki khoj our dear lovely Deepika has finally getting the price she deserves.

    Her break up with Ranbir has made her more money minded & the lass has now finally comes to terms with the industry.

    The girl has started believing strongly that everybody is here for money and pyaar vyaar is just passé so better be smart and make hay while your stardom shines.

    Our bee informs that the actress endorsement fee has shot up from 60 lakhs to 1.5 cr, which is at par with Priyanka Chopra.

    Deepika is now in the league of Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif as per as the endorsements are concerned.

    Our bee adds that Deepika’s unique quality of a glamour doll next door is attracting brands.

    And who knows she might even take over the crown of Aishwarya Rai who still is the reigning endorsement queen.

    Once I was called the Best,
    now you can also be called the Best in ur category.
    so what u waiting 4! make urself capable of being called best....



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