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    Default Deepika takes Imran seriously

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    She can boast of a super line-up of men. Nah, not the men in her personal life, dearies. We're talking about her screen-men - from a Khan, Kumar to a Kapoor - Deepika Padukone has romanced them all.

    And now she's working another gorgeous Khan, Imran. We asked her if she saw any similarity between Imran and his mamu, Aamir. All praise for her co-star, she says, "I don't know Aamir, so I can't tell if they're similar, but I know for a fact that Imran is extremely particular and has a very dry sense of humour, which is very rare in people.

    So half the time you don't know whether he's serious or he's joking. He's a lot of fun, at the same time he's very particular. I hope I get a chance to work with Aamir and see how similar they are." Well Ms Dee, we're sure mamu will be impressed with you too. Maybe Imran can drop in a word for his lovely co-star. Over to him...
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