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    Default Deepika and Ranbir face-off - What really happened?

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    Deepika Padukone is flummoxed with so much being said and written about her 'unexpected encounter' with Ranbir Kapoor last week at the special screening of Imran Khan's Delhi Belly. While a section of media is hyping up the entire episode and calling it case of 'uncomfortable moments between the former lovers' turning out to be the highlight of the evening, Deepika has only two words to describe it all - 'Big deal'."Deepika spends months in London for the shoot of her untitled film with Saif and this is what she actually gets talked about on her return? It is quite strange, if not disgusting. Can someone find better things to notice than her so-called face-offs with her ex-beau? Really, people need to grow up", says a friend of Deepika who actually was in the know-how of the entire series of events. The story goes that neither Deepika nor Ranbir were actually taken by surprise when they came face to face with each other. "It wasn't even as dramatic as being 'face to face' actually", the friend continues, "Aisa filmon mein ya TV serials mein hota hai when two ex-lovers meet and the moment freezes with a drama looming large. Nothing like that happens in real life, more so when both Deepika and Ranbir have moved on in their love lives. Both never drifted apart actually as two individuals who know each other well.

    Even today they are pretty much in know-how of not just their professional but also personal lives. Since Delhi Belly features their common friend Imran, it was a given that the trio would eventually meet." So while the fictitious 'observers' are claiming to have actually read through the 'uncomfortable' ex-pressions shared by Ranbir and Deepika, the fact remains that they actually exchanged notes around their respective films Aarakshan and Rockstar.
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