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    Default Deepika Padukone - the luckiest bollywood actress ever?

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    Disclaimer: I have nothing against Deepika Padukone. This topic is created purely based on my observation.

    Deepika comes from no bollywood family. She is pretty, not exceptionally pretty. She is not very talented either. She is good though. That being said, just checking her track record in bollywood, how can anyone not say she is the luckiest bollywood actress?

    First movie: launch with Shahrukh khan [ every bolly actress dreams of this]
    Second movie: with Yash raj banner [bachna ae haseeno]
    Third movie: With warner bros. and Akshay Kumar
    Fourth movie: with imtiaz ali and saif.

    Every top bolly actress, be it madhuri, kareena or aishwarya had to struggle to get to work with yash raj or work with SRK.

    Is deepika padukone destiny's favorite child?. I surely think so. And i hope her luck continues.


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    thanks alot for sharing!



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