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    Red face De Taali will run

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    De Taali will run
    Even though De Taali has taken close to 2 years to reach the finishing line, Riteish Deshmukh is looking at this delay being a blessing in disguise. He feels that instead of releasing last year, it has only benefited De Taali to be arriving in 2008 since the kind of humor is more suited for today's audience than yesterday's.

    "By that I don't mean to say that the jokes have become naughtier", warns Riteish who insists that De Taali is a complete family entertainer unlike his previous hits like Kya Kool Hain Hum, Apna Sapna Money Money and Masti which resorted to below the belt humor at quite a few junctures, "It is just that the film has a very urban-n-cheeky humor with focus on one liners."

    "Audience has been exposed to world cinema in last few months and the kind of humor De Taali offers is unlike what we have been used to seeing in regular Bollywood comedy films over the years.

    Today's audience is far more open to a film like De Taali", reasons Riteish who has seldom seen any of his comedy flicks failing at the box office.

    What led to the film's delay in getting completed by the way? There were also quite a few casting hassles when the film went to floors earlier and only Riteish seemed to be the one who was there on board from Day 1 till today.

    "Let's not rake up the past", insists Riteish, "What matters is that today Aftab (Shivdasani), Ayesha (Takia), Rimi (Sen) and myself have given De Taali their 100% and made sure that we go by our director E Niwas' vision.

    Of course when we got started, we all believed that the film would be wrapped up in quick time. But then a slight glitch here and there and things went a little haywire."

    What happened?

    "We were all committed to different projects and for us to come back together at the same time was of course challenging", reveals Riteish, "I had to leave for my Cash shoot. Aftab, Ayesha and Rimi got busy, too. One thing led to other but everything happened only for the good in the end."

    Talking about the business prospects of the film, Ritiesh makes a wise comment, "It is not just theatrical revenues any more. Market is wide open. You can earn so much more from DVD rights, overseas market, satellite etc.

    Today so many different avenues have opened for a film to earn. Recovery is hardly an issue if a film comes with decent merits and when it is an entertainer like De Taali, there is hardly a cause to worry." - Joginder Tuteja



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