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    Default Daughter Sonam forces Anil Kapoor to act in an ad

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    In his career spanning almost three decades in Bollywood, Anil Kapoor has clearly avoided endorsing any products. His idea was to be recognised for his acting talent rather than be clubbed with some brand as its ambassador.

    The actor seems to have made an exception now as he is now doing a television commercial with his daughter, actor Sonam Kapoor.

    "I was a pure actor for 30 years and now my children have corrupted me," Anil said in a lighter vein.

    Anil Kapoor finally made his debut as brand ambassador for an international label of writing instruments.

    It was daughter Sonam Kapoor who also features in the advertisement who managed to convince her father to take a break from films and finally do a TV commercial. But Anil is candid to admit that this really isn't his first stint for a commercial.

    "Yes, I did shoot for an ad, I do remember. It was more than 30 years back for Brooke Bond tea but it was an acting job and I had a condition that I would do the ad only if it is not going to be released in India. My idea was that since I wanted to be an actor in India and I'm going to do only films, my directors should want me. They should feel that I am not a commodity, I'm an actor" So at that time I was starting my career.

    CNN-IBN decided to put Sonam in a spot by asking her to which of her two parents she is closer.

    Sonam fumbled with,"I don't know..."

    To this Anil jokingly said, "I am not listening, so go ahead with it."

    Sonam laughed off that one saying it was not what plagued her mind. "I think its equal in both ways. They always play good cop, bad cop like all parents do so it depends on the situation.

    Though the commercial will be on small screen soon, is there any chance of seeing the father-daughter duo on big screen too?

    "If there is a script that we feel inspires or excites us, or we feel we truly believe in it then we will do it," Anil promised.

    For now Anil Kapoor is busy producing the film Ayesha with daughter Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol in the lead.



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