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    Default ★:★ Curious case of Shahid Kapoor-Ages from 28 to 22 ★:★

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    Don't get confused as we are talking of Shahid’s upcoming flick with Yash Raj Films, where he is supposed to look much younger than his age. For this, the handsome lad has worked equally hard and has gained the perfect look that was demanded of him.

    In Kaminey he has build a well-toned body and dons a macho man look. On the other hand, in his next flick with Yash Raj and Anushka Sharma, the actor has slimmed down and is looking very young.

    “I work according to my scripts and the character that I am portraying. In Kaminey I needed a good physique for which I have worked for almost a year and sacrifice on my liking of food. Where as, in my next film with Anushka, I need to look much younger so I have done sacrifices over there too,” rues the young lad.

    Elaborating on adapting himself according to the script, the actor chirps, “You can find good directors, producers and actors but not a good script. And if my script demands me to change, then I would do so gladly.”

    “For this new look I had to cut down on my muscular body and get a thin shape, which I have attained. I also liked my look for this film and am ready to take all kinds of challenge. Even if my next venture demands me to go out of the way for physical or mental challenge I would go ahead with it,” he concludes.

    Well definitely we can say for Shahid ki success ke liye kuch bhi karega.




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