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    Default Coming up: Best shows on TV

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    Theatres going on strike? Watch TV instead!

    Bollywood distributors and exhibitors are battling it out and new Hindi films look set to stay away from multiplexes from April 4. So we decided to dish out the best of television. Check out our top recommendations until next week:
    Wednesday, April 1

    Catch some Nana Patekar hi-jinks in that film with the memorable Bappida song as Taxi No 9211 plays on Star Gold at 5:30 pm.

    A little later in the evening, you can choose between watching Jim Carrey walk on water as he plays God in the amusing Bruce Almighty on Zee Studio at 9 pm, or decide to traumatise yourself with the hideous Mistress Of Spices on UTV Movies at the same time, a film so bad it's actually fun.

    Thursday, April 2

    A night of pretty fun films, this one. Sahara Filmy starts the insanity with a dubbed -- but inevitably hilarious -- Crazy Boys Of The Games at 8 pm, after which the MGM Channel starts showing the fantastic Irma La Douce at 8:15 pm.
    Meanwhile, HBO starts showing Martin Scorsese's superfun crime drama The Departed at 9 pm.

    In a Bollywood-mood? The charming Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon starts at 8 pm on UTV movies.

    Friday, April 3

    There's a particularly fine episode of Coupling on at 9:30 pm on BBC Entertainment, before which you can choose to meet the eight finalists of American Idol on Star World at 9 pm.
    The real fun would be to start at 7:30 pm though, so you can catch Nana Patekar in the wonderfully gritty on UTV Movies. Oh, and Zee Classic is showing that unforgettable Rajesh Khanna weepie Aradhana at 9 pm.

    Saturday, April 4

    Ah, there's Gulzar's fantastic and still side-splitting Angoor on Zee Classic from 9 pm, and between ad breaks you can switch to Zee Premier to catch Abhay Deol in Manorama Six Feet Under, which starts at 9:30 pm.
    All this while Star World shows you Sylvester Stallone going at it again in John Rambo at 9 pm. And for those who like cheerleaders, Saurav Ganguly will wince in discomfort as he picks a winner in Knights And Angels on NDTV Imagine, also at 9 pm.

    Sunday, April 5

    It's a great day for sport as Formula One heads to Malaysia for the season's second grand prix, live on Star Sports from 2:15 pm.
    Then, football fans have an ideal beery Sunday night in prospect as Manchester United takes on Aston Villa in the Barclays Premier League, live on ESPN 8:25 pm onwards.

    In the mood for a movie? Farhan Akhtar's Lakshya looks like a good choice on Sahara One at 8 pm.

    Monday, April 6

    There's some Pixar brilliance with the irresistible Finding Nemo on Jetix at 9 pm, while SET PIX brings us Sir Ben Kingsley in fine form in Sexy Beast at 10 pm.
    Zee Action gives us an old-school overdose of Bollywood at it's best in the starcast-heavy Burning Train at 10 pm, and Zee Studio changes the mood by offering us Woody Allen's delightful Mighty Aphrodite at 11 pm.

    Tuesday, April 7

    Once again Jetix has the night's finest watch as The Incredibles goes primetime at 9 pm, a far better movie about superhero angst than The Watchmen that's currently in theatres.
    SET PIX brings you the relatively fun Leonardo DiCaprio version of The Man In The Iron Mask at 10 pm, while Christian Slater and Sir Sean Connery take you on a thrillride in The Name Of The Rose on World Movies at 10:30 pm.

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