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    Default Cinema is not only about perfect storytelling: Rituparno Ghosh

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    Describing his new flicks as a departure from the conventional art of story-telling, ace director Rituparno Ghosh today shared his inclinations to break stereotypes and introduce the audience to the world of magic realism.

    ''There is more to the art of film making than just being a perfect storyteller. My recent films have marked a beginning of a new journey where I had tried to touch the world of magic realism,'' the filmmaker said while addressing reporters at a press conference on his recent film Abohoman (eternity) here.

    Explaining the dilemmas the film (Abohoman)deals with, Rituparno said, ''The characters of the film travel through different social perceptions and seesaws between dignity and illegitimacy, triggering a debate whether to perceive the changes as mere incidents in the eternal flow of life or to interpret them as scandals.

    ''In the film, the director's wife feels doubly betrayed when she finds that the girl she mentored and the husband she loved both had entered into a relationship which is not acceptable to her. The characters, however, are never judgemental and are right in their own place,'' the director added.

    Rubbishing the allegations that the movie had tried to bring to the fore the Ray-Madhabi relationship, he said, ''The film does not highlight on any such relationship. It has a film within a film portraying the creative tensions between the director and her muse.'' Explaining the topicality of Abohoman the director said, ''The world of cinema has a subtle illegitimacy attached to it which is why gossips are generated out of studios. Abohoman also deals with the world of theatres and how it feeds on slanderous talks often depriving relationships of its due dignity,'' he said.

    Pointing at the subtle similarities between his recent creation "Sob Charitra Kalponik" and "Abohoman" the director said, '' I think the film (Sob Charitra Kalponik) was a beginning of a departure where I had drifted from being just a good story-teller even though the audience was not fully prepared to accept the change.'' Hinting on his desire to break stereotypes, Rituparno said, ''I wanted Sob Charitra Kalponik to hit the world of magic realism which was not fulfilled completely because I did not prepare my audience to react to that change which I had thrust them into.

    ''But nevertheless it was an important learning experience for me as a filmmaker,'' he added.


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