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    Default Chitkabrey - Shades of Grey [Details]

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    Movie Preview


    Ravi Kissan as Rakesh Chaubey
    Ravi Kissan essays the role of Rakesh Chaubey, a man who has been aggrieved upon. He is on a mission to unmask them in a situation created by him. He goes on to coerce them to a situation where others become his puppet. For a while, Rakesh becomes a master of their lives and eventually through the exercise enlightens them, changes their way of life. He himself goes through a gamut of emotions. Ravi's character in the film lives upto his role using his voice, eyes, movements and silence digging deep into his years spent in front of camera.

    Akshay Singh as Edvin Verghese
    Edvin is a typical corporate executive, living out of suitcases! He is into the corporate ladder game and continuously working towards rise in his ranks.

    Amit Bhardwaj as Ajay Shankar
    Laidback attitude with a very relaxed approach towards his own life, has led him to be a partner in a friend's enterprise rather than slogging it out in the corporate world.

    Bobby Vats as Balaji Narayanan
    Balaji has a typical rag to riches story, from slums of Vizag, to the Silicon Valley. Never looked back or did anything for the down trodden-the social strata he belonged to. Typical Indian male, fascinated by white skin, master of manipulation and an opportunist to the core.

    Kuldeep Dubey as Amaan Khan
    A shrewd, engineer turned administrator through administrative services, with his eyes set on gaining political power.

    Rahul Singh as Jayan Patel
    An NRI from Canada, into motel business, who has held on to the Indian values, traditions and culture. A family man!

    Rajesh Shringapure as Jaggi Singh
    He's an arrogant, fearless, magnanimous, lecherous and a born leader. Lavish in everything that he does. A true friend!

    Sanjay Swaraj as Deepak Sareen
    A straight forward and simple man, focused in his work. He is a sensitive man and is bothered by the lack of infrastructure in the country and believes in doing things himself rather than depending the Government or other social bodies.

    Vishwanath Chatterjee as Buddhadeo Basu
    Buddha is an intelligent man, however, extremist to the core. He's a smooth talker and is quite successful in his share market dealings.

    Akshharaa Gowda as Palak
    An upwardly mobile house wife, enjoying lavish lifestyle and living by the brands.

    Divya Dwivedi as Sandhya Sareen
    A typical north-Indian housewife, whose life revolves around her husband and family, she's completely lost without them. Her husband's wishes are more than a command for her.

    Jaswinder Gardner as Fauzia Khan
    A fiercely competitive woman, born in a political family, with politics as her career.

    Khushbhu Gupta as Rekha Sundaram
    A corporate executive will leave no stone unturned to get her work done.

    Puja Gupta as Anjali Patel
    A psychiatrist by profession, Anjali is an NRI settled in Canada. She is an articulate lady, very secure with herself. Handles her career as well as her family with equal competence.

    Susanna Mohan as Kavita
    She's a lady with very strong principles. A strict disciplinarian by nature, she likes to do things in an orderly manner, following the rules and regulations.

    Svetlana Manolyo as Cindy
    Product of a shattered family, in secured yet arrogant and suffers from superiority complex. Completely ignorant about the world and its state of affairs and only bothered about herself.


    7 couples are brought together by chance. They will face each other's past, present and future.

    "A happy couple is happy in the same way while an unhappy couple is unhappy in its own way"- Leo Tolstoy. Basically a drama, movie breaks down a number of stereotypes prevalent in our society. No emotion is ever pure. No right is totally right. No truth is whole truth. There is always some negativity to it. There are always some shades to it. There are always some shades of grey.

    Cast & Crew

    Avant Garde Productions



    Release Date
    August 26, 2011



    Suneet Arora

    Executive Producer / Co-Producer
    Manish Maingi
    Rajesh Kumar (1)
    Firoz Bagban
    Supratim Sen

    Suneet Arora

    Star Cast
    Ravi Kissen...... Rocky aka Rakesh Chaubey
    Rahul Singh...... Jayan Patel
    Rajesh Shringapure...... Jaggi Singh
    Sanjay Swaraj...... Deepak Sareen
    Akshay Singh...... Edvin Verghese
    Bobby Vats...... Balaji Narayanan
    Divya Dwivedi...... Sandhya Sareen
    Khushbhu Gupta...... Rekha Sundaram
    Puja Gupta 1...... Anjali Patel
    Vishwanath Chatterjee...... Buddhadeo Basu
    Kuldeep Dubey...... Amaan Khan
    Amit Bhardwaj...... Ajay Shankar
    Jaswinder Gardner...... Fauzia Khan
    Svetlana Manolyo...... Cindy
    Akshharaa Gowda...... Palak
    Susanna Mohan...... Kavita

    Cassettes and CD's on

    Rekha Rao
    Sumitra Iyer
    Pamela Jain

    Rajesh Kumar (1)
    Niket Pandey
    Mahesh Kumar
    Supratim Sen

    Music Director
    Akshay Bafila

    K Raj Kumar

    Sanjay Jadhav

    Kuldeep Mehan

    Sanjay Masoom
    Vishal Vijay Kumar
    Suneet Arora

    Sanjay Masoom

    Avesh Dadlani

    Media Relations
    Parul Chawla

    Movie Stills


    Ravi Kissan is someone who can be instantly recalled as the SRK of Bhojpuri films or closer home, one of the inmates of Bigg Boss.

    The actor is now all set to shock the audiences with his full monty act in his forthcoming film Chitkabrey. News has it that he shed all his clothes for a scene in the film that deals about the intricacies of relationships. Speaking about the scene to Bollywood Hungama, the film's director Suneet Arora said that, "There is a scene in the film where Ravi Kishan's character is surrounded by rich students in the college and he is tortured for being naive. The more he argues, the more he is tortured and is finally stripped naked and is asked to talk dirty. He is left with no choice but to give up. At first, the Censor Board gave the film 32 cuts, in spite of giving it an 'A' certificate. We argued and re-edited the film and then the board came down to seven cuts."

    For an actor who is known for films like Tere Naam, Luck, Raavan, Tanu Weds Manu etc…the bold scene in Chitkabrey seems like quite a leap!

    Music Review


    There aren't any expectations whatsoever that one has from the music of Chitkabrey - Shades Of Grey. Other than the fact that the very title doesn't convey anything about the story in the offing, even the musical team here is untested. Yes, one looks forward to what newcomers have to offer (in this case composer Akshay Bafila) because time and again there is a surprise or two that comes your way. However with no awareness whatsoever about the film or those who are a part of it, one isn't really desperate to find out what does Chitkabrey - Shades Of Grey have to offer.

    It's a 'Mujra' beginning for Chitkabrey - Shades Of Grey with Rekha Rao coming behind the mike for a song which is totally lifeless. Low on arrangements and hence energy as well, it makes one wonder whether the word 'chitkabra' has been included by lyricist Rajesh Kumar just because the film's title had to be justified. Boring to the core, it makes you immediately jump on to the next in the album.

    Now this one actually manages to bring a smile on your face due to the song's title which goes as 'Chinese Khushi'. Wait for the song that follows, what with Sumitra Iyer seemingly quite elated at singing 'Chinese khushi saali nikli meri, lifetime ki warranty do din naa chali'. Now this is what makes one mouth - 'Now what really was that?' Seemingly a club song which is about shunning love and embracing hatred due to heartbreak, 'Chinese Khushi' (which is written by Niket Pandey and Mahesh Kumar) also appears in a 'remix version' but still doesn't make you revisit it all over again.

    There is a twist in the album with a devotional track written by Rajesh Kumar, 'Prarthana', following next. With the kind of arrangements that were passé even in the 70s, this Pamela Jain sung number that has children forming a Chorus isn't exciting either and makes you quite sure that this album is pretty much an exercise in futility.

    Shaan, who is surprisingly being heard lesser and lesser in quality albums, makes one of those rare appearances by coming behind the mike for 'Aaj Chalein Hum' where he is joined by Pamela Jain. A kind of tune that has a jingle feel to it and could well have been rejected ages ago, 'Aaj Chalein Hu' written by Rajesh Kumar and Supratim Sen tries to be all cool and hep (with Arya pitching in with rap portions and Rimi heard as a backup vocalist) but to no avail.

    Censor Details

    Release Date
    August 26, 2011

    Censor Certificate Number

    Censor Date


    Length (in meters)

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