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    Arrow My chemistry with Mithun will once again mesmerize audience: Ranjeeta

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    My chemistry with Mithun will once again mesmerize audience: Ranjeeta
    Laila Majnu famed Laila alias Ranjeeta is again back, after a long span, to the screen with Ashu Trikhaís Zindegi Tere Naam.

    And the interesting part of the name is that the actress is promising to offer her life to none but her old screen-aasique Mithun Chakraborty. Let us know the reason and little more about the film from the veteran actress herselfÖ

    Q. Was there any especial reason behind accepting this film?
    A. Yeah, there were actually lots of reasons behind accepting the film. The proposal for the film came to me at a time while I was completely free. I thought I had accomplished my responsibilities towards my son very well.

    Then I could think about some time for myself. The character offered to me was really good and along with that character Ashu Trikha was another reason behind signing the film. I had experience of working with his father also.

    Q. Whatís most unusual about this flick?
    A. Itís my character. Itís really excellent. Audience will surely enjoy several shades of acting through this character. I think these all elements are enough to make the film interesting.

    Q. The film is based on romantic love story. What would you say about the love story?
    A. I am quite excited that my comeback in films is happening with love story. In Bollywood, love stories have always been playing the role of true magician.

    Q. The tagline of the film says, ďHar mahan prem ke pichhe mahan kahani hoti hai (every great love has a great story to tell)Ē. How do you relate to this line?
    A. To many aspects. I am from the age of romanticism. So no one can understand love better than me.

    Q. How are you enjoying your comeback?
    A. I am feeling really good. Truly speaking I am feeling like I have never left it behind. I am feeling no difference posing in front of the camera after such a long span. Generally people get very nervous giving their first shot but there was nothing like that for me.

    Q. What would you like to say about your new co-stars? Have you ever given them any tips?
    A. They all are very professional, understanding and well acquainted with todayís working environment. As far as providing tips is concerned, who am I to tips them?

    Everyone learns from his or her own experience. Even I also learned everything from my directors. I am really lucky for having chance to work with all the good directors from the very beginning on my career.

    Q. Audience has witnessed you and Mithun in few superb movies. How do you have your expectations from this film?
    A. Itís completely dependant on the audience. But I have complete faith in the film. As, you know, actors usually have from each of their flicks.

    Q. Talking about chemistry, will we have chance to witness chemistry between you and Mithun? As though, chemistry covers lot in a film.
    A. Absolutely. Itís only chemistry on screen that works. Lack of chemistry between characters can never attract audience. And I have complete faith in my and Mithunís chemistry to work again in this film.

    Q. Have you signed any other film?
    A. No. Iíll sign more films but depending on nature of offers I get.

    Q. Whatís your expectation about characters from Bollywood?
    A. I would love to portray all those characters that despite being of my age have some interesting aspects in them. I feel, a character, whether itís of sixteen yearís or of hundred, will always be a character. - Rajnee Gupta



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