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    Default Celina Jaitly is agitated about Baba Ramdev’s comments

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    Celina Jaitly is peeved with yoga exponent Baba Ramdev for making lewd comments about her personal life as she has been espousing gay rights. In a recent media interview, Ramdev has questioned the way Celina keeps changing her partners every month and how this is all because she doesn’t stay with her parents. The actress says, “I thought Baba was a brahamachari. For a person like him to keep tabs on my so-called monthly changing of partners and living away from parents so that I can be promiscuous is amazing.
    For any brahamachari ‘ladki maa samaan hoti hai’, however he is the first Baba who seems to know more than me about my sex life. She adds, “He says that I know nothing about bharatiya sanskriti! I would really like to ask him is it ‘bharatiya sanskriti ke sanskaar’ which promoted a great brahamachari like him to pass personal sexual comments on a respectable single girl just because she is an actor and a human rights activist.
    The actress points out, “He has unfortunately tried to do what the Kauravas did to Draupadi in front of the whole court vastraharan! No assult on my character will deter me from this cause that I have taken up. I wanted the whole world to know the only argument a so-called yogi can come up with is a character assault and nothing else.



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