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    Well that conclusion was drawn by none other than Pritish Nandy, well known television personality and film producer and a member of Rajya Sabha. Apparently, he is involved in a major cat-fight with Kareena on Kambakkht Ishq...

    Seems like, Pritish lost the last modicum of decency after watching the brain-less flick Kambakkht Ishq.

    He has been telling the whole world what exactly he thinks of Kareena, and her ‘acting skills in KI’ via Twitter, he didn’t mince words as he says, "Why don't you see what she looked like in Chameli and compare it with KI (Kambakkht Ishq).

    Chameli was a real woman, a beautiful woman. She was stunning. Kareena looked like a dream in those days. Today she is a joke. ”

    Not to be left behind Kareena spat back, "Some people have too much time to blog and talk about others so much. I don't even have time to check my computer for my e-mails. I am constantly working that just goes to show that I am more focused on my career. ”

    From here on, it just keeps getting interesting as Pritish Nandy took major offence, and went on a rant on how he is busier than Kareena as he works 20 hours a day and still replies to all his twitter fans; he appealed his fans to defend him.

    Pritish a well-known producer bit back, he says, ” Kareena has slammed me on front page of DNA today for my saying that she looked hot in Chameli, not in KI. Views?

    Despite a 20 hour day I respond to each one of you. Isn't it time you defended Twitter and me? And yourself for being out here. ”

    Pritish practically ran an opinion poll on this issue, and in a most weird twist dragged Piggy Chops in the scene

    Yanking Piggy Chops into the catfight, Pritish says via Twitter, ”Kareena claims those on Twitter (read me, Priyanka Chopra) have no work. So they pass comments on others? You agree with her? Kareena busier than me?”

    Now that’s a smart move.

    Pritish was caught foot-in-mouth calling Kareena a joke; now he is dragging Piggy Chops to fuel a cat-fight to save himself, like a true politician.


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