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    Kat Fight: Deepika gives Katrina the Cold Shoulder

    While the leading men of the industry are known for their ‘mutual admiration society,’ it is very rare to hear two ace actresses of the Bollywood fraternity sharing any sort of friendship. Instead, ignoring each other with a high nose is the most heard of. Joining the list of leading ladies sharing cold shoulders are Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif.

    On Wednesday, some where in the mid afternoon Deepika was busy with a photo shoot for a magazine at Mehboob Studios. It was a solo shoot where she is said to have come down with Farhan Akhtar. Katrina entered the lawns in a fluke. Kats was there for a photo shoot too and probably got confused with the venue. As Katrina stepped in, Deepika was taking the last touch up. Dips stopped the touch up and the two shared an eye lock for a few seconds. As per the eye witnesses, the cold war among the two could be noticed quite instantly. After the glance Katrina walked out of the place flaring her short white skirt & the pink tee, with out acknowledging Deepika. Dips also acted as if no one had ever come there. The egos of both the young ladies could be noticed at one go.

    Actually, some love stories have a long lived effect that shows up even when the lovers get separated. Recently, Ranbir Kapoor broke up with the new sex symbol of the glam industry Deepika Padukone. There were reports that it happened because mother Neetu Kapoor did not find the right daughter-in-law in her. But rumors also stated that they separated due to the growing friendship between Ranbir and beauty Katrina Kaif. Well, Ranbir and Dips are not dating now; yet, she seems to have grudges with Kats! However, Katrina yet denies any affair with Ranbir!



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