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    Default 'Brand' Ekta in huge demand!

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    She is already TVís czarina and now with Bollywood hits like, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai and The Dirty Picture, producer, Ekta Kapoorís brand equity is at an all-time high.

    Three high-end brands want to sign her up as their brand ambassadors but Ekta is still pondering over whether she wants to come in front of the camera.

    One of the offers is from a mobile phone firm, another from a battery brand and the third from a Youth channel.

    But Ekta is in two minds ďMy problem is that Iím very shy. Yes, I have been approached by a few brands and Iím weighing my options. But I donít want to talk about it till things are locked.Ē

    Ekta points out that sheís been approached by brands earlier too but at the time wasnít mentally prepared to take on any of the offers.

    ďIn fact, I didnít even meet with the brand representatives then. But this time a few good brands have come along and Iím thinking about it,Ē she smiles.

    Ask her if she has consulted with her father Jeetendra on this and she retorts, ďMy parents let me make my own decisions. My mother (Shobha Kapoor) tells me not to do anything for money but only do what I really want to.Ē

    Money is not a criterion but Ekta would like to overcome her fear of facing the camera. She says, ďI donít want to grow old regretting that I was shy and scared. So letís see.Ē

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