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    Default Bollywood's Cool Airport Fashion!

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    Stars are usually a well-turned out lot, which is why we more often than not follow their fashion. But are they just as stylish when they're travelling? Do they pull out all the stops or do they keep it casual?

    We sifted through pictures of stars at airports, and here's what we found:

    Abhishek Bachchan chose a rather colourful shirt to go flying. Of course, how can a celeb survive without the mandatory glares, even though the sun ain't shining.

    While Abhishek went with prints, wife Aishwarya decided to go with solid colours. The candyfloss pink does become her though half of her face is hidden by oversized glares.

    There are those glares again. But we can still recognise Preity Zinta, thanks to her distinctive bee-stung lips.

    Even without make-up, Katrina Kaif made a pretty picture as she arrived at the Jodhpur airport in a simple kurta.

    Resul Pookutty and entourage

    Earlier this year sound engineer Resul Pookutty won an Oscar for his work is Slumdog Millionaire. His reception in Mumbai after the Oscar ceremony was chaotic to say the least. Nevertheless, Resul looked pretty calm and collected in a navy blue blazer.

    But while Resul chose formals, Irrfan Khan preferred jeans.

    On screen his outfits border on the flamboyant. But when it comes to real life, Amitabh Bachchan likes to keep it simple and comfortable.

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