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    Default Bollywood showbiz comes under the scanner

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    After the media uproar against SRK's ordeal at the hands of the US immigration authorities, it now seems the US authorities had their own reasons to conduct the prolonged interrogation after it's learnt that some promoters of SRK's show in the US are under the scanner of the authorities.

    The mega star, who was visiting the US primarily for Bollywood shows in Houston and Chicago, promoted by brothers Farhath Hussain and Altaf Hussain, with a few other local promoters, some of whom are on the radar of authorities in the UK, US and India.

    Soon after his arrival at the Newark airport, SRK was subjected to a prolonged interrogation session in which he was asked about his local promoters too.

    Though, SRK had turned this ordeal as unfortunate, the US authorities have termed it as a part of its regular security drill. Now, with news that the Bollywood showbiz is under the scanner of the US authorities, it seems our celebs can't expect much respite from such security ordeals for some more time.




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