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    [DOWN]Sachin Tendulkar has done what no man has ever done before on the cricketing field; scored 200 runs in a One Day game. He batted with style, grace and such élan making the cricketing world proud. While he is the only man to ever achieve this milestone, he stayed incredibly humble about breaking all records. The maestro hit every four, six and even his singles were magical. And when such a man does India so proud, how can our Bollywood stars refrain from speaking their minds and hearts out. Take a look at what the stars had to say.

    Karan Johar: "His name is TENDULKAR and he is a LEGEND!!!"

    Abhishek Bachchan: "You make us proud SACHIN!"

    Priyanka Chopra: "Oh my god! Just read about Sachin’s double century! Man! I feel so proud to be born at a time when I can witness greatness!"

    Preity Zinta: "Sachin! You are my hero! You make us so proud. Team India rocks because Sachin shocks the opposition."

    Kunal Kapoor: "I finally know what God really looks like! He is about 5"5, Maharashtrian and plays cricket! Tendulkar bapa moray."

    Riteish Deshmukh: "In future people will always remember where they were when SACHIN scored 200* runs."

    Mahesh Bhatt: "Who says the age of miracles is over! Sachin is a living, batting, scoring miracle. What a guy!"

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