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    Default Bollywood cool dudes John and Akshay come together once again!

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    After going underwater in Blue, director Tony DíSouza is all set to go midair for breathtaking stunts with hotties Akshay Kumar and John Abraham for his next action film.

    This film will be set in the deserts of Las Vegas. Tony has already convinced Blue producers Ashtavinayak, to produce his next film too. Even though several factors have already been finalised, the film will go into pre-production only next year.

    After showcasing some stunning underwater scenes in Blue, for his next film, Tony will indulge in hardcore action with his macho star cast. ďAkshay was on board for this project right from the start. After Blue, I couldnít dream of making a film without him. As for John, with his physique and body language, itís strange for him to have not done a full-on action film in all these years,Ē said Tony.

    Music director AR Rahman, despite his choc-a-block schedule, has agreed to compose the filmís music.



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