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    Default BODYGUARD director doesn't mind Salman leading from the front

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    Unlike Abhinav Kashyap (DABANGG), Anees Bazmee (READY) and Anil Sharma (VEER) with whom Salman Khan is said to have shared a few uncomfortable moments due to creative differences, it pretty much seems like a call of 'all is well' in case of director Siddique when it comes to BODYGUARD. The man, who has earlier made BODYGUARD in Malayalam and Tamil as well, apparently had no reasons whatsoever to complain and was always on the same page as Salman when it came to narration and setting of any particular scene.

    "Of course we all had discussions but they were all normal that never reached a point of any threat. It's all about how do you end up setting a communication channel with your cast and crew. In case of BODYGUARD there was no place for any ego whatsoever and rest assured, you won't find my director saying anything against the film or express unhappiness about having worked with us," laughs Atul Agnihotri, film's producer and Salman's brother-in-law.

    With a stance of HUM SAATH SAATH HAI being maintained, Siddique too doesn't have any issues with Salman leading from the forefront and driving the entire promotional campaign on his shoulders.

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