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    Default Bobby talks in his sleep: Tania Deol

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    Bobby talks in his sleep: Tania Deol

    The guest for The First Ladies with Abu Sandeep this week is Tania Deol. The show is hosted by well known designers Abu Jani And Sandeep Khosla. This is Tania Deolís first ever interview.

    She is introduced by the hosts Abu Jani And Sandeep Khlosa as someone who has a famous Bollywood surname and yet there is very little that the world knows about her.

    She is quick witted and interesting but she rarely gives interviews, she hates being photographed but she has a modelís face and body.

    She is a style diva and also a committed wife and mother but thatís not her only talent sheís a much sort after furniture designer; ladies and gentlemen please welcome the fabulous.

    The excerpts from the interview:

    When asked the reason for being keeping a very low profile she said ďIím quite a private person to a point of being shy. I am not very comfortable in front if the camera, thatís just the way I like it.Ē

    On the difference between coming from a business family and getting married into a film family
    Well both are entirely different set ups. When you are in a business you have a fixed 9.00 Ė 5.00 job whereas working in films thereís no fixed hours, you travel a lot, thereís a lot involved in that.

    Thereís a lot of difference between just being in a routine life which is connected to business and being connected to films is a different ball game all together.Ē

    Who reacts more emotionally in your family to the success or failure of a film?
    I think bobby is not the first generation whoís in films, itís something they are used to from a long period of time. Nobody goes really emotional about it.

    Obviously itís very upsetting if a film does not do well but I think they know to deal with it in a very brilliant manner because itís something they are accustomed to over years itís not something new to them.

    What inspired you to start your own furniture line??
    My whole entry into this line was not something planned I do have a background in interiors, I have studied it and I have worked but then I got pregnant so I did not pursue.

    But I had done bits of my own home which a family friend saw and she was having a furniture show so she insisted that I take part and she just did not take a ĎNoí for an answer. I did the show and ever since itís been no looking back.

    Hooked booked cooked...
    bobby hooked me, bobby booked me and now he is getting cooked; he has to suffer thatís the deal.

    When did you get to know that bobby was the one?
    I donít know it was like a fairy tale, it all happened so suddenly. We did not even really go on a date we spoke for a week and then it was December time so there were a lot of parties happening we kept meeting at parties and one day he insisted on dropping me home so he dropped me home and then he asked me to marry him.

    Bobbyís most irritating habit?
    He talks in his sleep, most men snore my husband talks he has conversations which are just about nobody.

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    Thank you for sharing with us.



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