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    Default Bipasha unable to do the Tango

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    Bipasha Basu can never learn Western dance because of her sensitive knees. When she performed the Tango for an ad recently, she could barely walk the next day. The actress says, “I managed to learn the Tango in bits and pieces while doing the ad for a deodorant. One has to wear high heels for the dance and I can’t wear them as I have bad knees. I am always on flats and wear high heels on red carpet events, as I get horrible pain if I wear them for long.Doing the Tango was painful for her. “My ankles would swell up and would hurt so badly the next day that I had to pop painkillers.” The actress has damaged her knees because of the wear and tear.
    “When I started out as a model, I would run like crazy without the right kind of shoes, and that took its toll on my knees,” she informs. “Now I wear the right shoes as I know that the wrong footwear can damage your feet and knees for life. Today with experience I am an expert on what shoes to wear and how to work out in the right way,” says the actress who recently endorsed a sports shoe brand.Bips loves all kinds of dance forms and adores the international TV show. She says, “They show some brilliant dance forms but I can’t even dream about learning any of these dances, much as I would love to.
    My knees wouldn’t permit it and that’s something I feel terribly sad about — that I can never learn any form of international dance because of the high heels, intricate leg movement, lifts and jumps.”

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