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    Default Bipasha Basu upset with her directors

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    Apparently, Bipasha Basu is upset with her producers and directors these days. First, it was the film maker Rituporno Ghosh, who dubbed her voice in her first Bengali film ‘Shob Choritro Kalponik’, without any intimation to her. However, she decided to take it easy when she saw that the dubbing did not have any adverse effects to her performance in the film.

    Again, she is upset with directors Daniel Silverman and Tapan Saha who failed to start the shooting of his directorial venture ‘Chimera’(Emothep of Mummy movie) on time. As a result, Bipasha’s dates for Chimera have gone wasted. A few days back, Bipasha had some problems with the script also. The movie which has Bips opposite the Titanic star – Billy Zane, will be a paranormal thriller where Zane plays an American doctor, who takes up an offer in India to work in a hospital where he treats Bipasha.

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