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    Default Bipasha Basu is street smart

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    Bipasha Basu is very clear about money. The Bengali bombshell recently refused to go to Chicago and Houston for a meet and greet with fans because of some doubts regarding remuneration. After living on her own for almost a decade, the actress has learnt to survive on her gut instincts and laying her terms on the table before she signs on the dotted line. The actress tells , “I am an entertainer and I am paid to perform. So it is my right to demand the right remuneration and it is upto the person to accept it or not. Most actresses have issues of having the top bill at an awards ceremony. I sincerely don’t have such doubts. If your act is good, wherever it is placed, it will stand out.

    Once there is a financial arrangement, I don’t get into all those nitty gritties.”The actress may have the right money sense but she depends a lot on her father’s sharp business acumen to make her savings. Hirak Basu, the proud dad says, “Bipasha is very aware of where to invest and perhaps, due to her leaving home at an early age, she has learnt to be street smart.” When Bipasha was doing up her home, she sat down with contractors, plumbers, electricians to get a ground feel of what the expenses would be.

    After that she checked it with her dad who is in the construction business to ensure that she was getting the right quotes.



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