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    Default Bikini fine if Dad Kamal not around

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    Shruti Haasan, Sarika and Kamal Haasan’s light-eyed, fiery-natured daughter, is a month away from breaking into Bollywood.

    At 23, she is used to stardom of sorts having performed live with her own music band and sung for a number of films. But it’s Soham Shah’s Luck that she’s setting her hopes on.

    Her romantic lead is Imran Khan, who Shruti has known since childhood. “He actually considers me his little sister, but that didn’t make it difficult for me to romance him on screen!” she laughed. But the film is not all romance. She’s done death-defying stunts “crossing all boundaries that might have ever existed while filming action scenes” and wounded herself too in the bargain. “But I’m proud of those bruises,” said Shruti.

    She’s happy, however, that her superstar father didn’t drop on the sets. “I wouldn’t be able to act in front of him so I told him to stay away and watch the final product,” she smiled. Doing a bikini scene, too, would be difficult with Kamal around, she admitted. “I’m okay with wearing a bikini onscreen or showing a little skin. I don’t know why a great deal is made out of the bikini! All those who have worn it till date, have looked good, and if you have a great body — then why not,” she said, “but... my dad shouldn’t be in the same film!”

    Her debut film apart, Shruti’s busy composing the music for her home production, a remake of A Wednesday in Telugu and Tamil with Kamal playing the lead. “You can imagine how nervous I am as both the films will release within a gap of a few days. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Composing music was a different experience altogether and it was challenging working with dad,” she said.



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