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    Default The biggest jerk in Bollywood, according to Cyrus Broacha

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    The biggest jerk in Bollywood, according to Cyrus Broacha

    Cyrus Broacha is one funny man. Much more so in real life. So when he came to the Rediff office on Wednesday for a live chat with his fans, the dialogue was simply hilarious.
    Joined by friend and director of his new film Fruit n Nut Kunal Vijaykar, the duo gave some of the wittiest -- and very raunchy -- answers.
    For those who missed the entertaining chat, here's what transpired.
    Cyrus Broacha says, Hi, this is Cyrus and Kunal. We are doctors of love and recreation. Fire away!
    cyrusss asked, the movie 99 was great .. but you were useless in that movie .. any comments?
    Cyrus Broacha answers, Absolutely correct!
    Cyrusna asked, Cyrus, would you consider VJing or acting as your first profession/love??
    Cyrus Broacha answers, My first profession is sleeping.
    Lucky asked, hey cyrus... i really enjoy the way u talk...gimme some tips how to talk fast in english like u.....
    Cyrus Broacha answers, Lucky, only the first and last words are important. The rest you can mumble. I picked up this from Marlon Brando, India's finest actor.
    dsasa asked, who is the fruit n who is the nut in the movie ?
    Cyrus Broacha answers, Find out on Friday, October 23 and then let us know!



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