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    Default Bhairavi Goswami: What to Wear and not to Wear!

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    One of the easiest things in Bollywood to do for new actresses is try to wear short dress and become a sex symbol. Of course, becoming a sex symbol is not that easy because many actresses try for it but very few become successful. I personally feel that most of the actresses who are not that confident about their acting think of whether to wear or not to wear bikini. Bhairavi Goswami is an actress who comes from modeling background.

    She said, ďI donít think I would do lovemaking scenes. When it comes to bikinis, I would wear what looks good on my body. I know I have a great body but that doesnít mean I will wear something vulgar. These words donít exist in my dictionary,Ē

    She acted in Bheja Fry which was a hit movie, but after that Bhairavi Goswami could not do that well. Now, she is trying very hard for making a strong come back. But of course, she is yet to find any notable success after her first film Bheja Fry. Of course, Bheja Fry was released in 2007 and still there were some super hit Bollywood movies.

    Things have been gone wrong in 2008 and specially 2009 perhaps because of economic recession. Also, in the last two years very few movie could become super hit. Even very famous actors like Salman Khan could not do well in the box office. So, Bhairavi Goswami should not be discouraged and should try hard.
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